So it took a little longer than we thought, but here we are, a brand new comic!

Poster tubes used to fit around your fist when you were a little kid, allowing you to pretty much become Mega Man and/or Proto Man should you so desire. As you can see, in our old age Jon and I have no problem just resorting to waving tubes around and yelling “pew pew pew”. We’re still Mega Man and Proto Man though. Some things never change. Ever.

Another fun thing to do was to hold three or four (full) rolls of toilet paper and sort of spin them back and forth pretending they were some sort of mega-gun.  Actually, if you’re a kid, basically goddamn everything can used as a gun or weapon. That stick on the floor? Gun. Ruler? Sword. Pencil? Wand.

Shit, I used to put my little arm through the holes of a 3 inch binder and it would be a shield. Kids are awesome at warfare.

Anyhow, this is the look we’re gonna have for the strips now. Yep, we settled on black and white for the most part due to time and technical restraints. That being said, we’ve got a very special full-colour story arch coming up. It’s a neat little idea that Sophie came up with that we decided to go extra special with including a couple of nifty visuals from Scott. Stay tuned for that next week. After those 4 strips though, we’re gonna go back to black and white. Unless we feel something is in desperate need of some colourin’.

You see how we creatively got around the use of colour in this one, right? Jon says he’s putting on a yellow scarf. So you know he’s Proto Man. We’re dropping mind colour on your asses.

In the meantime, keep it locked (lol) on We’ve got more Templars coming up soon I think, Fear and Loathing After the Bomb is taking a brief break since I’m doing almost daily Fringe related episodes of Go Plug Yourself. Fear and Loathing will be back either next week or tomorrow though. Oh yeah, we opened the Store!

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