So we finish of Jon’s story arch here. That was pretty dark. I’m pretty sure we’re all dead.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we all take turns writing 4 comics at a time. Somehow, Jon’s idea of a hilarious comic strip was a four part story about how Ronan unhooked the gas-line, made us all hallucinate and ultimately seemingly kill us and at the very least render us all homeless. Like most of our stories, this one is firmly planted in reality. Ronan is a jerk like that.

If you remember, Jon’s last story line was about us giving underage kids alcohol and then burning down a public park and getting arrested. Man this guy fucking knows comedy.

Seriously though, the fact that we have four writers on this strip means that you get different flavours of comedy, something that at least as a co-creator I enjoy tremendously. I hope you guys do too.

Next up is Sophie! See you next week!

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