Occasionally it seems that Scott just has to colour some of these strips. He coloured Tuesday’s, presumably because of Macho Man’s outfit and he coloured today’s because dragons. I guess it also helps that he’s had some time off this week too.

Sophie’s the kind of artist who loves drawing epic shit. She has a Hellboy mural that she painted in her current house, and even though it’s several months away she’s already planning what kind of badass murals she can paint in her new home in Montreal. You can imagine that drawing comic of the four of us sitting around drinking is like asking a samurai to dice tomatoes. Every now and then we have to throw her a bone. If we don`t, well, we’ll probably just get crazy shit anyhow.

Recently I’ve been trying to understand the reality of the strip, and this strip pushes that question even further. It’s a strip about real people writing a comic strip. So, are we bound by the laws of reality when we write it? Clearly not, it’s a fucking comic. Is the Sophie character fighting a dragon or did she just draw it? Difficult to say.

I like it though. I like the strangeness of not knowing what the limits of these characters are. I’m sure we’ll play with it more often in the future.

My joyous few days of unemployment is already coming to an end. It’s a little sad and a little exciting to be starting my new job. Fuck I have a lot of shit to do on the site. Goddamn.

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