As you can tell not only from the topic of discussion within these past few comics but also by my ever changing shirt colour, we’re still trying to figure this webcomic business out. As you can see, I have my own ideas. The rest of them, they do not seem to embrace my dark, nuanced themes. They would rather have as many genitalia in a comic as possible. I mean, I get it; I’m just one of four creative individuals involved in the process. If they want the comic to be all dicks and vag, I can’t stop them. Perhaps we will never again hear about the Sneeze Genie.

I’m kidding, I’m pretty sure when we have a slow week on comic ideas the Sneeze Genie will totally make an appearance. I picture him as sort of like a cross between John Waters and Macho Man Randy Savage. I haven’t told this to Sophie yet, I’m sure she’ll love me for it.

“Less Waters, more Macho!’

“Too much Macho, a little more Waters.”

“What if he had walrus tusks?”

I’ll feel like George Lucas with his stupid little stamp. Only with a Sneeze Genie.

You may have also noticed that not only is the comic itself back, but also the Classics archive. That’s a good thing, we’ll never break it again. Promise? Promise.

The truly savvy amongst you will notice that the third panel is our take on Strutting Leo’. The less savvy of you have now had things spelled out for you. I hope you’re happy.

UPDATE: What the hell is Scott holding? I thought it was a cellphone but now I’m slightly convinced that it’s an oyster. Also, Sophie eating a cookie cracks me up.

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