This comic is written by all four of the 9to5 founders, and as such, every now and then we run in to a few issues. Differences of opinion, more often than not, and usually we’re able to hammer out the dents and buff out the scratches until we have a glorious script rife with comedy. Sometimes, as it’s bound to happen, we just end up on the opposite sides of comedy.

Amazingly, I’m the sensitive, politically correct one of the group. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m the one who is usually saying “Yeah, that’s funny, but we can’t say that!” Perhaps less amazingly, Keith is usually the one proposing the hilariously inappropriate content and is saying “But it’s funny!” By all rights, it usually is, but we can’t have the mail room filling up with complaints. Not again.

I believe that is the inspiration for this weeks comic. This kicks off Keith’s turn as head writer, so even though it’s starting off innocuously, I would tread lightly, as you never know what’ll come out of his mind next.

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