It’s here! It’s finally here! The conclusion of Jon’s epic zombie story! How was it that Scott wasn’t get hurt while texting with only a sweet Michael Jackson Thriller leather jacket to protect him? The answer is: he’s a bad gamer. Scott has self admittedly stopped gaming in recent years, but it seems that I wanted him to game so badly that I basically kidnapped him away from his wife and child and dragged him up into the woods (this is similar process that I resort to whenever we manage to get him on the podcast).

Anyhow, we’re back kids. The comic is straight up back. At least for another couple of weeks. Until we run out of strips again and go on hiatus for 6 months. Which is a thing we do.

Also, I think it’s important to note that I used to run a zombie RPG. It didn’t really follow any system and just involved throwing a bunch of dice around and me deciding if it was cool or not. Equipment was randomly generated by me and you could give yourself bonuses by being overly convoluted with your plan. I remember one night where we just sat on a balcony drinking and settled things with rock-paper-scissors while I “ran” the game. Was good times. Most of the time, Ronan turned out to be the main villain.

Enjoy the show, share with your friends all that hoopla.


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