Some of you may have noticed that there was no comic last week. By some of you I mean one of you. To that special someone I say “thanks for paying attention buddy.”

Sophie upgraded her computer and now her scanner doesn’t seem to be compatible with her new rig. So try as she might she can’t get her drawings to get inside of her computer, which means of course that Scott can’t work his digital voodoo on them, which of course means no comic. This is a situation we’re doing our very best to rectify. In the meantime, here’s part 3 of the mysterious robot story-line.

Mankind has had a lifelong dream of creating artificial creatures (or “arto-creats”) and robotics is one of the more attainable methods we’ve come up with as a species. Not my favourite method, mind you: I prefer planting my hair and fingernails in the flowerpots and hoping a boy grows. Anyhow, I think it speaks volumes of the characters here (and indeed, mankind on the whole) that when confronted with what is surely a marvel of human engineering, the characters destroy it.

Wait… is the robot bleeding?

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