Ok, so maybe it’s because I thought I posted this last week (which I did, by accident, for a few hours) but this comic is officially a handful of minutes late. In that it is now officially Thursday, at least, in Montreal it is. If you live out in BC like Phil, we’ve still got a few hours of Wednesday left.

Anyways, this is one of the many hints and seeds we’ve been planting towards a deeper, possibly more sinister plot for our heroes (aka: us). Exactly how is it that even though we’ve returned home from the cabin, we’re still under surveillance? Or that Scott is also being watched? Is there something more to our intrepid crew that we’re not telling you? Man, I have no idea. We’re four writers on this thing, it’s like herding cats.

Maybe there will be more answers next week? Only time will tell.

Oh! One more thing, this is the first comic that Sophie coloured digitally! Isn’t that exciting? Normally Scott does the colouring duties but it seems like Sophie might be doing it more and more, I think she did a bang up job. You should tell her.

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