Who would’ve thought that it wasn’t Ronan all along!? It was all a clever disguise! After all, how could it be Ronan? He’s in Jamaica right now! (That’s a true story, have a good trip Rolo!). He works on a cruise ship now. Completely unintentionally (since we wrote this back in like February) this strip sort of functions as a send off to Ronan.

I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago but this story arch marks the beginning of our new writing style. One of us takes the lead on writing four strips and then the other three bounce ideas around to try and flesh it out. In this case the “Scooby Doo” themed strips were written by Sophie! Hurray for Sophie!

Big things are afoot here at 9to5 (dot cc), it looks like Jon and I will be trying to cover as much of Fantasia as possible in the upcoming weeks and I’ll be attempting to get some of Just for Laughs in while I’m at it. Right now however, I just really want to eat a snack and have a shower.

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