Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted a comic. Lately Scott has taken over those duties since he’s the last one to touch the strips as his brings Sophie’s art to colour and words.

This strip wraps up Scott’s storyline and continues the ever growing tradition of ending story archs on huge “fuck you” cliffhangers or twists. So far stories have ended in jailcommiting murder and with us dead. Today? We are being sucked into a vortex in a tribute to Evil Dead. Jon’s storyline should be starting up in the next week or two, how will he handle this swerve? Come back next week (or whenever) to find out.

On a completely unrelated note I woke up with a huge pain in my neck and it hurts to in certain ways. Doing the dishes sucked and it was hard to make the bed. I imagine it’s going to be quite painful to bathe myself. I share because I care.

Peace out 9to5 (universe).

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