Jon and I have watched all of MadMen and we both really enjoy it. Jon maybe a little more so, occasionally he drunkenly rambles on about the Lucky Strike account and how much it means to “Mr. Draper”. It’s a little confusing sometimes.

Scott however does not watch the show. Nor does he seem to have any interest in doing so. He’s re-watched Buffy like 3 times instead. It doesn’t matter that MadMen is on Netflix right now, since apparently he’s an information-age Neanderthal and “can’t spare the bandwidth” (see 9ES Episode 4) and has 100 megs of download or something. It also doesn’t matter that with MadMen on a temporary hiatus now would be the perfect time to get into the series. It even doesn’t matter that two of his best friends have nothing but the highest of praise for the show.

Scott’s stubborn.

However, given the effect that the show had on Jon, maybe he’s right not to get sucked in. Jon in drag is one thing, Scott in drag? *shudder* Scott’s a little convinced that we unwittingly have added a storyline to the strip and that Jon’s hit to the head, longing gazes, and eventually acting on his emotions and finally now cross dressing are all linked. I’ll take part of the blame, however, I’m pretty sure that I’m the top in this relationship. I mean, the only impact MadMen had on me was that I set up a bar in the entrance of my apartment, where it should be in case I need it.

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