Unless you consider old needles and a sleeping bag full of bed bugs to be pirate treasure. Which, for the record, I do.

Man, these strips take me back. I remember huffing gasoline and hanging out with hobos as being “classic summer fun” back in the day. Actually, breaking into abandoned buildings with Jon and Ronan was something that we used to do. Strange how art imitates life sometimes. Years later we would revisit those memories and make Ronan a homeless drunk person. Good times.

I really don’t have much time here (on Earth, in the cosmic sense) since I need to pop into the shower and then head over to a press conference for muthafuckin’ Fantasia!

Yep, Jono and I will be attending Fantasia in an official 9to5 (dot cc) capacity this year, so expect… stuff. Lots of stuff.

Wanna know something funny? I nearly posted this without adding the actual comic, derp derp derp.

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