As the comic explains in the first panel, this strip was inspired from the suggestions received after I`d asked for some from a reader. Yes, one man. He paused and pondered seriously, after I asked. He replied simply, but assuredly, the following three things;

“I want to see a Firefly storyline. It would be fun. Also, I think since you guys, and all our friends really, are so big on gaming, maybe it would be fun to have them be invited to a DnD game, but when they show up it turns out it`s really a BDSM party. Oh and isn`t it American Thanksgiving? Maybe touch on that. While you`re at it, everyone`s into the Avengers too, you feel like jumping in on that bandwagon? There you go. Now get back to work.”

Bless you, DDR.

So any normal person would have taken these suggestions as separate ideas, I`m sure. But my brain, filled with the creative juices that brought you such things as Mr V. Moustache and the Ostrishark, decided to mash it all up into one completely nonsensical strip.

And I can`t tell you how much fun it was to draw.

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