Why do I never have time to grab a coffee on days where I’m supposed to write the blog post for a fucking comic? I needs the coffee. From time to time I try to get these things writing on Monday (or Wednesday) night. In this case, Scott didn’t send me the art until about 1:00 in the morning. I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that he had to stare into the depths of Sophie’s mind during the colouring process. Fuck you American English dictionary in my word processor, putting a little red squiggly line under the word “colouring”. It did it again! It’s not always wrong though, it reminded me that word is spelt “word” and not “wourd” despite the Canadian spelling of words like honour, colour and harbour. Oh no you didn’t! You did not just auto-correct the word “harbour”. Oh man, you fucking did it again.

See, I told you, I need coffee in the morning. Otherwise there is all manner of word processor related agitation that I deal with. Being Canadian and all.

Anyhow, this closes off our special 4 episode long series on what it would be like if only one of us was making a comic. Today’s episode teaches you what’s going on in Sophie’s mind while we all think about the grander themes of life, sneeze genies, binge drinking and of course dicks and cookies. I think that’s James Hetfield with a cookie shield battling rainbow champagne cookie monster. What does the eyeball tentacle monster do? It watches.

Peace out ya’ll, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program on Thursday. Hope you’re enjoying the new strips!

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