Here I am, sitting at home on my winter vacation, eating an apple, posting a comic and getting sad.

Apparently my friends want nothing more than to shut me up, and actively fantasize about muting me all the time. I mean, it wouldn’t be all that bad right? There’s well over 200 hours of me talking ON THE INTERNET for you to get your fix.

Seriously though, this is the conclusion of Sophie’s run as head writer. She’s been doing crazy amounts of makeup artistry with some of the up and coming film crews in this city and this run has cleverly snuck in quite a few of the talented people she works with. These are not just random characters readers, these are real people from Montreal!

Thanks a bunch to those people being cool with us using their likenesses for our fun little comic. You were welcome guests in our illustrated world.

Tune in soon for our next batch of comics! Written by me!


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