So, the gang ends up where, well, let’s face it, where they were destined to be.

There are some details here that I added in processing that I want to talk about, but first, damn but Sophie has been killing it on the art in this run, hasn’t she? Really kickin’ it up a notch and such. Some awesome stuff she snuck into this comic?

  • Keith’s still got a tie on.
  • I’ve got a hoodie on under my jumpsuit.

So, not in the script, and for no other reason than to amuse myself while colouring the strip, I added in a few things:

  • The judge is a ginger with freckles. I dunno why, but it does make him seem more severe, doesn’t it?
  • Keith’s jumpsuit is sort of peach. Maybe it’s washed out, or maybe he asked for something that would bring out his eyes a little more.
  • Jono’s got a teardrop tattoo in panel three. In my mind, he’s also gotten “Thug Life” tattooed on his stomach now. He really acclimatized into the prison life quickly.
  • I’ve got my favorite red sneakers on.

That’s it for now, so if you want more, go read through the archives.

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