New format new format new format! More art! Wheee!

Wait, have I read this before? Nawww.

Sophie really kicked things up a notch here, and it’s all for you! I suppose it’s for me too. I guess it’s for everyone. But it’s great, and it really makes us look back at where we began and shows everyone how far we’ve come along. We’ve done longer comics before, but nothing like this.

I’m back in the writer’s chair for this story arc, and it’s off to the woods we go, time to mix things up a little. I guess I like taking the gang a little bit outside of their comfort zone. And into another, less safe zone. More dangerous.

For the record, the fact that I have a family is in fact canon.

Anyways, just in time for Halloween we’re back with a spooky story full off cabins and woods. Woodses. More woods.

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