For the full effect, you should probably open up this video in the background before reading the strip. Just saying.

See that? That’s special-fuckin’-effects right there son. Since we’re gonna be switching over to the ole’ black and whites it seemed appropriate to go out with a bang. Get it? Because the lightning… is like… a bang?

Yeah, you get it. You’re wise to cracks.

Man, it feels good to have the strip back. I think I speak for the four of us when I say that that drought was a little too long. Oh yeah, big news! Sophie is now officially back in town! Jon moved into the same neighbourhood too! The entire 9to5 crew lives within a few minutes away from each other! It’s just a matter of time before we buy some sort of office space and play video games there all day long.

I actually just went on craigslist to find cheap apartments that we could possibly rent as a group to turn into the 9to5 HQ. I think I’m getting ahead of myself a little.

As always, click those banners if you’re planning on making any purchases at (or .ca) or on zazzle. If you’re feeling really sassy, buy something in the store.


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