Much like Sophie’s strip last week, this strip is also based on a true story. You see, my mom was very religious, but also somehow is partially responsible for my off the wall sense of humour. So something like accusing her son of being gay because he was talking to one of his friends on the phone for a long time was her idea of a bizarre joke/admonishment. The follow up of course, that gay people don’t get chocolate cake is still something that haunts me to this day.

Of course by haunts I mean cracks me up like gangbusters. Sometimes, in the ultimate act of defiance I will invite friends of mine over to eat chocolate cake. They just think I’m being friendly, but really, it’s the equivalent of getting multiple piercings and tattooing a big anarchy “A” on my forehead! Take that mom! I’m an adult and I can give chocolate cake to whomever I want! Ha ha ha!

This is just a small part of growing up with my mom, which is a well that we’ve already tapped into once (remember the Danzig story?) and I’m sure we’ll go to it again.

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