Every now and again I go back and re-read the entire run of comics that we’ve managed to put together over the past few years. Sure we’ve taken our fair share of breaks but I really like that you can see the evolution of the writing and the art. Since we’ve come back from hiatus though I honestly feel like we’ve been up to some of our best work with storytelling and if you can’t tell there is some sort of a grander story that is unfolding which is really cool for us. It’s especially cool that we have absolutely no idea where it might be heading due to the way that we rotate who’s “in charge” of each little 4 part story.

This is the kickoff of a spooky Lovecraftian tale that was mostly the child of Scott’s listening to old H.P. Lovecraft audio books. I’m not going to lie, a lot of these jokes make a lot more sense if you’ve actually read a lot of Lovecraft but I guess we’ll see if the humour is farther reaching. A lot of the jokes will also be about how old timey drug use was a-ok. Yay! Laudanum!

Also, in a roundabout way Jon once again ends up being a woman. Now that’s continuity.


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