Why is this post causing be so much pain? Because somebody put a goddamned apostrophe in the fucking image title, our webcomic hosting thingie (ComicPress) flipped the fuck out. Note to somebody: Fucking stay the way from apostrophes.

OOooh, this is a special triple sized late Movember special. The sheer volume of panels here should be sufficient to wow you into making us a part of your daily web-routine. At least, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We like to call beer “Creativity Juice”. That’s a lie, I like to call beer “Creativity Juice”. In this case though, it seems like Jon wanted to get a little too creative, right into the emergency room! Yuk yuk!

That’s right, the punchline for this strip is that our good friend Jon is an alcoholic. I think this is as good as time as any to clarify the fact that our characters in the strips are exactly like us in real life. Wait, that’s the opposite of what I wanted to write. Our characters in the strips are caricatures (I really didn’t think that was spelt that way) of our real world selves. Confusing, I know.

In the real world Jon just drinks himself to sleep every night, not into the ER. If the ER thing was the case that would just be depressing.

It’s a lot harder to write these fucking things when I have yet to have a coffee.

Also: Fucking Scott sneaking Bad Dudes into this strip.


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