Well, it looks like life is back to normal for the 9to5 (crew). Or is it?

Jon does seem to once again be indulging his more feminine side, but I mean, that’s pretty par for the course too.

This is a little funny because in reality it’s Jon who DMs (Dungeon Master to the layperson) most of the time. Actually, he’s been running a game for myself and a group of friends for something like 5 or 6 years and only now are we apparently close to coming to the actual point of the story.

I recall one instance where he set up a nifty little sidequest involving a lich seeking a mystical object. The party was mostly neutral so we opted to do it. What followed was a quest that took us off the main quest for seriously several months of real time (though only a few days in game time). When we got the mystical object the point was to turn it over to the lich for some great reward. The one good-aligned character attacked the lich, then his in-game brother smashed the mystical object. End of story? The entire part is now under a geas to a goddamned lich. Don’t know what a geas is? Look it up. Then remember that it is owed to an undead immortal sorcerer guy.

The point I’m trying to make is players suck.

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