The ongoing saga of my unemployment continues. In my defense, Batman would probably make a much better babysitter than I would.

I honestly think this current stretch of a few months might be the longest we’ve manage to keep this comic thing up for, that’s pretty encouraging, don’t you think?

I am really really swamped at work right now (sadly I am actually employed in the real world and not playing Lego all day), so I’ll just take the time to plug some of the stuff you may have missed in the past week on 9to5 (dot cc)):

  • Last Thursday’s 9ES was a pretty good roundup of news and pop culture, especially if you’re into naked celebrities and Ukraine.
  • Jon totally made a post! It’s all about one of the hardest films to watch ever made called “Begotten” in Weekends in the Dark.
  • I listened to the new Death From Above 1979 album a whole bunch and then I wrote about it in The Perspicacious Geek.

Also, I’ll be flyering around Montreal ComicCon on Saturday morning, and Sophie will be there all day with McGovern for the whole weekend, they’ll even be in costume. So uh, say hi to them!

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