Just getting this one in before midnight. But it’s still a Tuesday post.

The holidays were generally awesome, but we’re getting the gears rolling again and slowly getting back into the swing of things. With this comic, I believe that everything is back on track.

Sophie, Keith, Jono and I have an awful lot in common. Part of it comes from being friends for the better part of twelve years, but we all met each other with a base set of hobbies and interests that were very compatible with one another. Be they video games, vampires, pro wrestling, role playing games, comic books or music, we very rarely lack for something to talk about. Heck, we have all worked tech support, Keith and Jono both worked in pretty flower distribution, and Soph and I both spent years at the video stores. We’re practically the same people.

But Sophie doesn’t like hockey.

She doesn’t even get hockey. At all. She sort of glazes over like James Franco in “Pineapple Express”, but without the friendly smile that makes him huggable. I understand that it’s frustrating, but we’ve tried to sell her on the sport to no avail. She just throws axes instead.

Man, Keith makes these comic blogs posts really long. I don’t even know what else to add. I guess it works then that he’s Randy Savage and I got to be Andre. But hey, I have a posse.

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