Everything I learned about Gwar, I learnt from that one scene in “Empire Records”. The one where Mark is stoned, and he’s watching Gwar videos. You know what I’m talking about.

Gwar also has a fun knack of spraying blood all over their fans, just in case you didn’t know that already. Consider this your heavy metal education. The metalfest comics conclude next week, so get your learnin’ in while you can, students.


Also, it’s totally my pleasure to say that this comic is going up on the one year anniversary of 9to5.cc! One year of comics, podcasts, articles, and reviews, all done in the 9to5 spirit of… well, just fucking around on the internet.

9to5 started off as a few friends trading emails all the live long day. But look at us now, just a year into our publishing lives. We’re a multi-media mastodon, intent on taking over the world our way. Twelve months of insane comedy, art, and social commentary have led us all to this momentous occasion! So in celebration, why don’t you just click around the site a little bit while you’re at work. After all, we’re not working, so why should you?

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