Hey, guess what? I’ve got a coffee this morning. I still feel like a run over pile of crap (that’s a nice visual don’t you think?) so maybe it hasn’t been the lack of coffee, but instead the problem is me. Stupid stupid me.

I sort of like the general idea of using literary figures as verbs. Using characters from A Song of Ice and Fire is even more appealing; since there are so many rich and diverse characters you could almost always find the right personage to illustrate your point.

“I Jaime Lannister’d my sister,” could mean any number of things. Not really, it would probably only mean one thing.

Anyhow, we’re big fans of the series hear at 9to5 (dot cc), I’d like to say that we’re all up to date but if you listen to 9ES you know that Scott loves being behind and playing video games and watching movies from 5-6 years ago. As such he decided to re-read the series from A Game of Thrones onwards. Which is noble, except that he’s only in Storm of Swords now and we’re all caught up. So we can’t talk about the series around him too much. By the time he reads Dance of Dragons we’ll have forgotten all about it and we’ll all be eagerly discussion Season 2 of the HBO series. Silly Scott. What the hell do we have up on our wall? It looks maybe like the scene from some terrible torture porn. Maybe that’s just me.

The joke here is that the toilet is the throne.

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