I really hate having to explain the punchline to a comic. However, it seemed that some people needed The Game of Thrones strip we did to be explained to them (people just couldn’t grasp how your convictions could’ve lead to a terrible trip to the bathroom, apparently some people don’t have eating jalapeño poppers covered in chipotle sauce as part of their convictions), so I will allow myself the briefest of explanation in case you don’t get it.

All four of us at one time or another were “headset jockeys”, which is to say we used to work at call centers. A common slang for hanging up on a customer was “flushing” the customer. Scott found out the hard way that that particular method of handling difficult customers did not crossover well into his current job at the hospital. The lawsuit is still pending.

Working at a call center certainly sucks, working in any sort of front line, customer facing job sucks really. It does have its fair share of awesome stories though. This is normally where I would share a couple of those stories, but I just had a sudden epiphany that we can probably milk a few strips out of our collective call center horror stories, so I will show restraint.

Chin up ya’ll, it’s almost the weekend.

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