Heavy MTL 4 just wrapped up in Montreal, coincidentally. Walking around, it was pretty plain to see the metal heads that had spent all day outside in a field listening to the metal. The dusty black t-shirts, the freshly dyed fire-truck red hair, the black cargo shorts, and the thing I found the most hilarious, the cream-pale skin burnt pink by being out in the sun for the first time in years. Coppertone SPF 40 is not metal, I suppose.

That’s not to say that we don’t like metal. Keith, Sophie and Jon are all fans. I dabble, but I have my favorites in the genre. I have eclectic tastes, but a little early Metallica can get me through a long day.

Anyways, the metal-fest comic arc was my turn at writing, and I’m damned pleased at how it came together. Next week, I’ll put together a post on how my writing process works, complete with illustrations. Keith’ll be writing the next arc, so prepare to laugh inappropriately and feel bad for laughing. Jono’s also working hard at finishing up his scripts. I can’t think of another web comic that has a team of writers that rotates through them, like us. I mean, I knew we were awesome, but innovative on top of it? Damn son. Damn.

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