Man, this ties up a lot of loose ends for the strip. Or does it?

You might remember Johnson from this strip way back in August. It seems like I called on my Lovecraftian ancestry to get my job back (judging from the fact that I am no longer dressed like a hobo in a hoodie and I’m back to my tie and vest). It also seems that Jon is sadly heartbroken.

There are still some mysteries to tie up that we have no plans to deal with any time soon. Like, why are we under under surveillance? Who was that shadowy figure who I was dealing with before calling in my cousins? This is gripping stuff!!

Also, we came up with a bunch of alternate punchlines for this strip, here are just a few of the best ones:

Scott: Even Cousteau never dived without a helmet.
Scott: Told you Jaws wasn`t a romantic movie.
Scott: Sushi probably wasn`t the best idea for a dinner date.

I meant to have this up this morning but today has been crazy. Tune in next week where Sophie spins us into Sophietown!

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