Ok, so we’re a day late. Every time I get mildly upset that we’re a little late I remember that in the past we’ve gone months without posting a comic and then I feel a little better.

Jon totally snuck an amazing joke into the title of this strip, I’m sure that Scott was a little offended. Usually we just write the strips and no matter who is writing the story Scott titles them himself, this is a rare instance where Jon actually put some thought into the title and it made me lol.

Ok, so yes, we are continuing with our Lovecraftian yarn here. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “those are just fish people, where are the tentacles?”. Well, guess what? Those possessed with the “Innsmouth Look” take on the appearance of fish, not squids. So no tentacles. My cousins clearly have an advanced case.

Jon has a weird fetish.

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