Oh man, I am so sorry that this is getting posted this late in the day. So yeah, the crew is getting closer and closer to Heavy MTL but will the true spirit of metal see them through this trying ordeal?

There’s not a lot to say about this one, I mean, other than the fact that this is the second time that we’ve made Jon somewhat cross-dress. He’s not fully cross dressing here, but there is definitely something efeminate about dressing up like an 80s hair-metal rocker. Maybe it’s the eye shadow?

Holy crap you guys, 9to5 (dot cc) has been rolling lately, have you seen that there’s new Templars? Maybe you’ve noticed that we’re putting out nearly daily Fantasia podcasts? Or how about the epic Just for Laughs episodes of Go Plug Yourself (featuring Kenny Hotz and soon Mick Foley!)? We can’t help it guys, every time we step up to the plate we crank out home runs like it’s our goddamned duty.

Ha ha, duty.

Keep checking back ya’ll, we got more where this came from.

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