I know that it’s not exactly clear what the living arrangements are in this comic as they certainly differ greatly from the living arrangements in reality. However, it has been established that Scott is married so I feel that it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t live with the rest of the crew. This comic certainly implies that Jon and I live together. I think we’ll probably discover the crew’s living situations as we go along.

This is the 3rd comic in my current stint as head writer, originally this was going to be a little bit longer of an arch but then V. Moustache and shitting myself came to me in a clap of vagina fart thunder (a thunderous queef if you will). Anyhow, this is now going to be a two-parter, with the resolution popping up sometime next week (maybe on Wednesday!).

In other 9to5 (illustrated) news, it’s been a little over a year we’ve been plugging away at the “new” strips. We’ve had our ups and downs and moved down from two a week to once a week, but we’re all a lot more sane for it. If you’ve been reading since the beginning our hats off to you. Tell your friends about us and we might buy you a drink next time we see you. Or we’ll buy ourselves a drink and sit near you awkwardly for a little while.

We cool.

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