Our True Detective story rolls on. The True Detective super fan will notice that “Afternoon Jon” is only using lines actually spoken by Rust Cohle. This was tricky and fun, to build dialogue around existing dialogue and have it make sense with the story. I mean, it wasn’t the hardest thing in the world but was still a fun challenge as a writer. I think we’re all putting out some of our best stuff with the strip lately and I’m psyched to work on the comic again, which is a good thing. Despite all of our breaks and hiatuses and the like we’ve still managed to put out more than 100 comics in the past 3 years, that’s something right?

Also, props to Scott (I think) for coming up with the suggestion to have the wee baby Archer dressed as The King in Yellow. Nice touch. I like to think that in a few years from now Archer is going to be like “What the fuck Dad, why did you let Uncle Keith write all these stories about being terrible at taking care of me?” That will be good times.

This little story will wrap up next week with the shocking denouement and then Scott is going to pick up with another pop culture HBO reference. Teasers!

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