If you’ve been following the site, you may have noticed that this is our 1 year anniversary. Well, technically August 1st was our 1 year anniversary, but we kept the site a secret for a week while we worked out the kinks. The date that we “switched on” and started telling people about the site was one year ago today though. So this is our 1 year anniversary.

To celebrate this momentous occasion Sophie has once again re-imagined us as characters from her childhood. This time, the Dreadnoks. As we’ve previously discussed, Jono looks a lot like Buzzer. Sophie draws these so she gets to cast herself any way she wants, so she’s Zartan. I’m Ripper and Scott is Torch. This is just another step closer to Scott’s ultimate goal of actually becoming a Dreadnok.

So? How are we doing?

Despite some ups and downs 9to5 (illustrated) seems to be back on track. Counting the Classics we’ve made 53 strips for your reading pleasure, not too shabby.

Between the 9to5 Entertainment System, Go Plug Yourself and our Fringe and Fantasia special podcasts we’ve produced 54 podcasts for the pleasure of your ear holes. With the podcasts picking up steam and gaining popularity what better time than now to go check out the archives and listen to where it all began? There is no better time! DO IT.

If you add up ALL the posts, comics, podcasts, blogs, pictures and everything else that we do we’ve created 310 posts, that’s nearly one a day guys, that’s pretty kickass. This is post #311 btw.

Finally (and perhaps most impressive), if you add up all of our page views you get a staggering 101,615 hits over the past year! Not bad for a few friends trying to fool around on the internet, wouldn’t you say?

So what’s next? Well, we’re gonna keep going. More podcasts, more comics, more blogs, more videos, more everything that you’ve come to expect from us over the past year.

What can you do? Well, if you see us personally just put money or beer into our hands, that’d be awesome. If you don’t, you can buy stuff at the store, or you could buy stuff from our sponsors in the sidebar.

If you don’t want to spend money you can tell your friends about us, maybe they’re not cheapskates like you. I’m kidding of course, 9to5 (dot cc) is primarily a labour of love, so just sharing our shit is reward enough.

But also money.

Take care guys, this year has been great, we’re looking forward to year 2!

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