I was watching a little docuseries on Joseph Campbell about his Hero With A Thousand Faces.  If you’re not familiar with him he was a comparative mythology/comparative religious scholar, who wrote pretty important works about heroes and the nature of heroes.  He also coined the phrase “follow your bliss.”  The documentary sort of started out about him but very quickly became mostly about him analyzing Star Wars.  Go ahead and Google “Joseph Campbell Star Wars” and you can see that there is an awful lot of effort made connecting them.  This documentary in particular seemed to be feeding two types of associations: one: Star Wars and literary credibility, two: Joseph Campbell and Star Wars fans.  Campbell was pretty rambly in the documentary.

We’re pretty rambly too.  As much as I would like it to be so I do not think that our obsessing over these films is really an effort which penetrates the cultural zeitgeist.  We are more likely following our bliss in the egoist sense.  Is it too much that we shower you with these obsessions?