Hey everyone! The 29th Edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival is almost here, and to celebrate we’ve got a couple podcasts that you should probably listen to.

To quote the incomparable Amy Blackmore:

With 800+ performances by 500+ artists from across the globe, fringing is a festive adventure full of surprises. Over 60 000 festival-goers celebrate diversity, accessibility and artistic freedom with us annually.

Fringing for the first time? I recommend you purchase a 3-show pass. Pick a sure bet, a recommended performance and a show at random! Don’t forget, Canadian FRINGE festivals are open-access and uncensored events with affordable ticket prices for all. And artists keep 100% of their box office!


Check out these podcasts:

  • Go Fringe Yourself 2019 – IS THAT HOW CLOWNS KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT?

    Fringe Festival veteran Fiona Ross is proud to bring Ms. Bea Haven back to the Montreal Fringe Festival in the followup to last year’s “Is That How Clowns Have Sex?”. This time around the sex-educational clown has decided that she should have her own talk show because of course she should!

    Fiona talks about her latest show right here, right now.

  • Go Fringe Yourself 2019 – EDGING WITH MIKE

    Mike O’Brien may just have the strangest road to a second Fringe production ever: A genre wrestling piece that won Spirt of the Fringe last year prompted him to create a highly education show about the science of metallurgy and the sharpness of knives.

    Just more proof that there is something for everyone at the Fringe.

  • Go Fringe Yourself 2019 – SILENCE

    Stéfan Cédilot & Kathleen Aubert have become somewhat known in the Montreal theater scene for their use of dynamic soundtracks in their works. This year, they shake things up quite a bit by producing two shows that are not just devoid of soundtracks, but are also nearly completely silent.

    (Silence.) is two short plays, each telling its own story and exploring different facets of silence : what it says, what it shows, and what it hides.

  • Go Fringe Yourself 2019 – COLLISION

    Tiera Joly Pavelich suffered multiple concussions in the span of a few short years as a dancer. Somehow, she has taken that experience and used it as fuel to create something amazing. Working as a choreographer, Tiera has guided Gabriela Guerra Woo through her experiences in interpretive dance and movement.

    Sarah plans on watching this and crying quietly throughout.