I started writing this post on Wednesday, which would have marked the 100th day that since the site was “switched on”, so yeah, the timing could’ve been a little better, but you know what? Fuck the timing. Anyhow, here’s the facts:

On October 24th 2011 Danny contributed this review of the film Martyrs. That was our 100th post. That was a few weeks ago, our total post count is now 123. This will be the 124th post on the site. BOOM! (There’s a little bit of cheating in that count I realized, since 10 of my posts were actually just dumped in from my previous blog, so, strictly speaking our 100th post in this format was probably about 2 weeks ago, not 3, whatever).

Wednesday November 9th 2011 was our 100th day of operation as a site. In that time we’ve never missed one of our Monday to Friday commitments (Fuck Mondays, 9to5 (illustrated), WTF World and Fine Arts). Not bad eh? I thought so too. With the current run of 9to5 (illustrated) coming to an end yesterday and venturing forward to a new, much more collaborative thought out comic and all those “100s” floating around, I decided to post a little tribute to myself the fine people I work with and some of what we’ve accomplished. Without further delay here’s my personal favorites from the 9to5 (dot cc) world.

10) The 9to5 (illustrated classics) Strip

Like I mentioned yesterday, this is really the reason that the site exists in the first place, if it wasn’t for this simple idea of doing a very low maintenance webcomic we wouldn’t be here today. That whole “low maintenance” thing is sort of a mantra for us on the site. You know, that “low maintenance” 20+ hours that we put into the site collectively a week. Yeah… that kind of “low maintenance”. I know the strip is a little inside jokey, but really, we’d like to share those inside jokes with you. Hopefully some of them made you laugh, you may not remember them as fondly as we will, but certainly, these strips are the baby of the site and they started it all.  Yep, I have no idea how to fix the thumbnail for the August 25th strip, so fuck it. We live with our mistakes sometimes.

9) Our First Charitable Endeavour (Movember)

Ok, so it’s maybe not Child’s Play but still, doing something for a good cause on occasion is what helps assholes like us sleep at night. The 9to5 team has raised a little over $350 so far and we still have 19 days left of ‘stache growing and fund raising. You might notice that Jono’s picture is in the banner there, but he hasn’t actually joined the fund raising squad yet. This is not just a function of Jon’s inability to contribute anything to the site (other than showing up for podcasts and even then, he’s missed 2 out of 5) but also I think a function of Jon’s inability to grow a moustache in the first place. He shaved at the beginning of the month like the rest of us and is still babyfaced 11 days in. It’s sort of amazing. We’ll get a pic of the progress up there soon.

8 ) Fuck Mondays 6: Comics Redux

This was born of an argument conversation Scott and I were having about the strip (even back in September we had some loftier goals for the comic) about how it was a little boring for him to just be cutting and pasting already existing dialogue into premade comic strips. To illustrate his point he did something with a Garfield strip that I can’t quite recall. It made me spurt my coffee back into my cup though and it was the funniest fucking thing I had seen all day. Thus, he copy/pasted our dialogue into existing strips for lols. It’s a little unfair to Boondocks, since I think Boondocks is one of the only interesting strip running in the funnies these days. However, I think our dialogue breathes new life into tired and worn strips like Marmaduke or Garfield.

7) Fuck Mondays 7: 13 Things George Lucas Might Ruin

This was one of my favorite posts to put together, largely because they came to me so easily. Fucking George Lucas going back and meddling with our fond memories is one of the great cinematic travesties of our times. I shudder to think what happens when he turns his attention to other intellectual properties. I’m just repeating myself from the actual post. Go read it now. It’s funny. I promise.

6) TIE: 9ES 4: Get Famous Robbin’ Shit and Go Plug Yourself 2: Bones Malones

Poscasting was something we really wanted to do right from the get go, although it took us a couple of months to figure out a format that was fun for us and (hopefully) fun for the listener. If you’ve been following the podcasts from the beginning you know that we’ve been plagued by technical issues (perpetual echoes kept popping up, mics were muted, sound was garbled) but also it took us a little time to get comfortable with sitting around and talking in a public audience. The first few episodes of each cast are sort of testing grounds. Anyhow, I think these two episodes are pretty good indicators of where we’re going with the podcast (I think the upcoming episodes of both 9ES and Plug Yourself are also outstanding, they’re just not part of the first 100 days, nor are they even posted yet.)

5) Winter is Coming

We had this idea back in the summer time; we (Scott and I) fall into a pretty small subgroup within a subgroup. We’re geeks who are into sports. That means that our interests are spurned in different ways depending on who we’re talking to. Hanging out with sports fans? They probably won’t want to hear about the comic we just read. Hanging out with geeks? They probably didn’t see the sick save Price made last night. It’s a tough life. Every now and then though, our brains merge the world and magic happens. I don’t think a lot of people thought of hockey every time someone said the Stark family motto, but I did, and Scott made it reality.

4) The Ostrishark!

I’ll admit, it made me a little sad that Sophie didn’t do this drawing expressly for the site (she did it because she was asked for it by her boyfriend). However, we now have it on the site, still counts! Sophie has promised us future “amalganimals” (not sure if I wrote that right) so this may just be the beginning of Sophie playing God and re-writing the natural order of things. I hope so.

3) Picture of Noam, Words of Kanye

Scott’s Pictures of Kanye, Words of Noam might be a little more “high brow” than some of the other (largely poop related) humour that we indulge in here at 9to5 (dot cc), but that’s ok, we have all flavours here. When I stumbled upon that incredible quote from Kanye West on his twitter account though, I floated it over to Scott and I think he knew that at least this once, their roles would be reversed. I enjoy the K&N strips tremendously, but I think imagining Noam Chomsky at a public discourse complaining about being responsible for a water bottle made me laugh the hardest.

2) The Vagrants Section

This is really just a shameless buttering up of our friends who have taken the time to contribute stuff to our site. If I wasn’t such an asshole I’d probably even put this in the number 1 slot for maximum butter. I think it’s great that some of our friends have sent us shit to post on the site, and it just adds to the diversity of the site. Yep, no punchline or joke here, just a big thanks to Walter, Danny and Ronan (so far) who’ve chipped in. They’re all pretty gay for us and it’s a little embarrassing. Fooled you! There was a punchline. It was a gay joke.

1) Snakey The 9to5 Mascot (As Seen in Fuck Mondays 5: Seriously Fuck Mondays)

Is he kidding? Is he? No, not at all. First of all, I drew him and I’m writing this article. I never said this was a balanced decision making process. Second of all, he is a snake. Third of all, fuck you.

So that’s it! 100+ articles in 100+ days! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to delivering up the half-assed content I like to think we’ve been synonymous with for the past 3 and a half months.

We’ll keep delivering Monday to Friday, you keep visiting, 8 hours a day is too long to be doing something you hate.